Rules and Regulations

Run Jordan Road Runners Rules and Regulations

(These rules and regulations are compulsory to all participants in Run Jordan Road Runners Program old and new)

• When a new participant is accepted to join the Road Runners Program he/she should sign a copy of these rules and regulations, which will be kept in his file for future reference. (An electronic automatic consent is given by the applicant once he/she has received an official approval on participation).

• These rules are based on the principles of justice, equal opportunity , transparency , accountability, integrity, impartiality, determination to achieve the goals of the program and maintain the workout’s pace, and taking responsibility for one’s actions. All participants must comply with these provisions and rules as well as the foundations and principles that underpin.

• All participants must seek knowledge of the rules and regulations in force and apply them without any abuse or violation or neglect towards Run Jordan or the program.

• Participants must show keen and continuous efforts to improve their performance and develop individual capabilities to benefit from the foundations of the program.

• Participants must comply with the ethical standards, rules and fundamental principles for the program.

• Participants are expected to refrain from any acts or practices or violations of general morals and ethical conduct, and to refrain from offending the political views or religious beliefs of others inside or outside the circle or instigating against it.

• Oblige with all financial dues “if any" that are owed to Run Jordan in accordance with the laws and regulations in force without delay.

• Respecting the rights and interests of others , without exception, and to deal with all participants with respect, tact , politeness, neutrality, impartiality and objectivity , without discrimination based on race, gender, religious beliefs, political or social status, age or physical ability or any form of discrimination .

• Refrain from any act that might adversely affect the confidence of Run Jordan in the participant or others.

• Not to reveal any official papers or documents seen or submitted to the participant during his/her time of participation in the program, whether in writing or orally or electronically because this will expose them to legal accountability.

• Run Jordan has the right to change the dates and times of the training sessions as it sees fit to accommodate for all variables.

• Run Jordan has the right to change or add trainers and supervisors for the general interest of the program.

• If approved by the applicant, all the items listed above, will be deemed mandatory immediately, if any of the above terms are breached by the participant, Run Jordan has the right to temporarily or permanently terminate his association with the Road Runners Program or pursue legal actions if deemed necessary.

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