Race Info

The start of the two races will take place opposite Amman's Dead Sea beach (at the end line), running up the service road (opposite the traffic direction) towards the hotel area and up to the turning point at the entrance to the Royal Jordanian Air Sports Club. And return from the Jordanian Royal Air Sports Club (Skydive) to the finish line towards Amman's tourist beach (for the 21 km race).

The 50 km race turns left and continues to run into the Royal Sky Sports Club area, bypass the roundabout inside the area of the runway, return to the service road, turn left and run towards the baptism site road in 5 km then turn back to the service road and enter the area of ​​the Royal Jordanian Air Sports (Sky Dive) and keep running towards the Amman tourism beach (finish line).

The race starts 2 KM south aft the baptism junction, (North of the Check Point). Runners are required to stay on the main road and run in the same direction as normal traffic flow. (10km Runners are specifically requested not to leave the main highway as the 50km and 21km runners will be in the service road and must be allowed free access of that section of road)

The route will go downhill along main road to the hotel area and then onto the finish line at Amman Tourism Beach.

The race will start at King Al Hussein Park opposite to the Amman Summer Festival Square runners will take the road untoward King Hussein mosque, and then towards Children’s Museum and the Royal Automobile Museum toward the entrance gate to the finish line at the Amman Summer Festival Square.


 NOTE: the routes used by the race organizers require a number of roads closure where these closures are put in place hours before the race starting time.
Please make sure you are at the gathering point and start 30 min before the official start time. The travel time will be considerably longer than usual because of the police closures, so please leave home the earliest and plan to park your car at least 30 minutes prior to the gathering times given: The races will start on time and any runner will be late more than 10 minutes after the official start time will be disqualified or won’t have an official result.
Friday 12 April 2019 RACES
- 50 KM and 21 KM: gathering point is Opposite to the crown plaza hotel at the Dead Sea at 04:30 AM Runners must be at the gathering point by no later than 05:00 AM.
- 10 KM gathering point is Opposite to the crown plaza hotel at the Dead Sea at 07:30 AM Runners must be at the gathering point by no later than 08: 00 AM.
Children race:
- King Hussain Park at 08:00 AM on Friday 5 April
The Gathering point for each area will open at 04:00 AM Except for Children Race at 07:00 AM
There are specific routes signposted from the gathering to the start areas for each race.
Runners should not approach the start from the main street and they aren’t allowed to park near to the start line.  

Runners will receive their race medals at the finish line.

The celebration area will be at the Amman Tourist Beach, located 2km after the Dead Sea “Hotel Zone” sign. Participants will have full access to all facilities, including the beach and shaded areas, toilets, showers, changing rooms and restaurants. Food and refreshments will be available for reasonable prices at the finish line (Amman Tourist Beach).

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